Saturday, 14 January 2017

Face shapes and best suited haircuts

What face shape do you have? 

What haircut suits you best?

It is time for the boring technical stuff, but this is what could save you from a disastrous haircut and give you the best hair style you have ever had.

First we need to determine what face shape you actually have, this is dependent on the width of your jawline, forehead and cheekbones.

Then we tailor a cut to balance prominent facial features.

Check out our Pinterest boards of ideas for each face shape, just click the title of each shape.


Face gracefully tapers towards chin
Elongated features from forehead to chin
Some have prominent chins
Fringes of  all types
Volume at the sides, creating more width
Volume at the crown


Face width and length almost the same      
Widest at the cheeks    
Height at the crown
Face lengthening layers
Chin length bobs or layers
Blunt cuts                        


Face gradually tapers towards chin
Wider forehead
Prominent cheek bones
An ideal face shape

Considered the perfect face shape, everything is flattering on you! Sorry no Pinterest board for you, search for whatever your heart desires.


Forehead, jawline and cheekbones almost the same
Square jawline is a prominent feature
Long hairstyles 
Soft edges 
Short hairstyles


Face strongly tapers towards chin
Chin tends to be pointy
Forehead may be a prominent feature
Choppy layers    
Short hair
Long hair styles with little shape

Face highly angular and somewhat bony
Widest at temples                               Not as common as the others                  
Many styles suit a diamond, from blunt shoulder length styles to long wispy bangs.
Excessive volume at crown
Very Short hairstyles

For more advice and ideas pop in and have a chat with us, so that we can make sure you get your perfectly suited hair style. 

Don't forget our updated Pinterest with boards dedicated to each face shape to help you discover the new you.

Love from us all at Lau Hairdressing


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