Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Men's Hair Trends 2017

Don't worry guys we haven't forgotten you, it is Manuary after all. The time for men to take control of their health, mental wellbeing and of course their hair. 

So this post is entirely dedicated to your hair, trends and the products that will see you through the year.

Lets start with what is going to be out on the streets this year. Longer, more textured styles on top and longer hair in general are tipped to be the hair of 2017. 

The old school deep side partings and the 40s, 50s style hair are phasing out and the more grungy 90s look is on it's way back around. 

The skin fade is still going to be everywhere but this year but going into a more textured top and fringes worn forwards. The longer top means a more versatile haircut but the sharp structure of the sides keep the look smart.

Beards are becoming slightly more tailored and controlled, the big bushy beard is shrinking.

What's the story morning glory? Think 90s, drinking in your mates basement, listening to Oasis and wanting to be Liam Gallagher.

A modern twist on this classic haircut. The longer sides are still there but keeping the back slightly more controlled and tailored than its 90's counterpart. Again the fringe is down and the general hair texture is kept very natural and messy.

So what products can we use to create your style?

Our top products here at Lau for mens styling is Mitch by Paul Mitchell. Their range covers all different textures, holds and shine. From strong hold ultra-matte Matterial to Barbers Classic moderate hold high shine to Hardwired maximum hold spiking glue. 

For the shorter more controlled styles Matterial is perfect, its gives you the hold while staying very matte finish. If you want a slightly more natural finish but still strong hold the Reformer is still a matte product but keeps the hair with some natural shine. 

For the longer, grungy styles Steady Grip is a firm favourite. This can be put into wet hair and blowdried  into the hair or used in dry, to give natural looking shine and long lasting firm hold. 

If you want your hair to look more lived in then Construction Paste is the way to go, it is a mesh styler and this weird texture in your hands gives great texture to an undone look. They even do special shampoos to cleanse out all the product fully to stop any nasty build up.

Check out our 2017 Mens Trends for ideas

If you need any advice, we can always help and advise on styles and products that are best for you. 

Love from us all at Lau Hairdressing 


Saturday, 14 January 2017

Face shapes and best suited haircuts

What face shape do you have? 

What haircut suits you best?

It is time for the boring technical stuff, but this is what could save you from a disastrous haircut and give you the best hair style you have ever had.

First we need to determine what face shape you actually have, this is dependent on the width of your jawline, forehead and cheekbones.

Then we tailor a cut to balance prominent facial features.

Check out our Pinterest boards of ideas for each face shape, just click the title of each shape.


Face gracefully tapers towards chin
Elongated features from forehead to chin
Some have prominent chins
Fringes of  all types
Volume at the sides, creating more width
Volume at the crown


Face width and length almost the same      
Widest at the cheeks    
Height at the crown
Face lengthening layers
Chin length bobs or layers
Blunt cuts                        


Face gradually tapers towards chin
Wider forehead
Prominent cheek bones
An ideal face shape

Considered the perfect face shape, everything is flattering on you! Sorry no Pinterest board for you, search for whatever your heart desires.


Forehead, jawline and cheekbones almost the same
Square jawline is a prominent feature
Long hairstyles 
Soft edges 
Short hairstyles


Face strongly tapers towards chin
Chin tends to be pointy
Forehead may be a prominent feature
Choppy layers    
Short hair
Long hair styles with little shape

Face highly angular and somewhat bony
Widest at temples                               Not as common as the others                  
Many styles suit a diamond, from blunt shoulder length styles to long wispy bangs.
Excessive volume at crown
Very Short hairstyles

For more advice and ideas pop in and have a chat with us, so that we can make sure you get your perfectly suited hair style. 

Don't forget our updated Pinterest with boards dedicated to each face shape to help you discover the new you.

Love from us all at Lau Hairdressing


Friday, 6 January 2017

What's hot for 2017

What's hot for 2017? What is hot for you?

It's a new year and here at Lau we are looking to the trends for the year ahead. It's all about deep side parts, natural textures and bringing back the 'Shag', but what is best for you? We want to delve into the world of face shapes, lifestyle; all the factors that make you who you are and create perfectly formulated haircuts and colours. 

Our Predictions 

Artistic Director Emily looks to the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid for colour inspiration. 'Shine is back. This bold dark statement colour is overtaking the ombre, the ultra dark brunettes are making a comeback.'

The key to success of your colour is your consultation, adapting the colour to fit your busy lifestyle, to compliment your cut and to bring out all your best features. 

When it comes to cut, our Hair Designer Zoe loves the reinvented undercuts. She explains ' A well placed undercut gives people the freedom to express themselves and be creative while maintaining a 
professional exterior. It gives people the edge that they desire' 

The key to the success of your cut is, (you've guessed it!), your consultation, tailoring your cut to suit your face shape and personality. 

Take a look at our 2017 Trends and come pop in for a chat with one of our designers about your new look

Tune in next time for your guide on the perfect cut for your face shape. 

Love from us all at Lau Hairdressing